Barbed Laundry to Landscape Kit

The barbed laundry to landscape kit includes most of the parts that are found on the following drawing - please look closely at the current kit contents before you purchase, as they have changed since this diagram was made:

Barbed Laundry to Landscape Greywater Kit Drawing.jpg (604KB)

After adding the kit to your shopping cart, you will be to change the quantities of any items to customize a kit that meets your specific site requirements. If you need other fittings in addition to what is displayed in the kit, visit our Laundry to landscape barbed.

In addition to the kit, you will need items from a local hardware and/or irrigation store store:

  • PVC 1" pipe (usually not more than 20 ft)
  • 1" polyethylene tubing (should never be longer than 90 ft)
  • Silkaflex (or equivalent) adhesive sealant for sealing hole in wall
  • Holesaw bit for PVC 1" pipe
  • Pipe cutters or saw for PVC pipe
  • Metal or plastic strap to secure PVC pipe
  • Screws for strap
  • Mulch
SKU: B3W / V-200 / P1BA / 1429-010 / 1436-010 / 1401-010 / 1401-130 / 944325 / 1250perfoot / 406-010 / 436-010 / RFA1.5 / 401-007 / PCG8 / PCTEF / SUHD / LT103
3-Way Valve Brass 1"
Auto-vent or Air Admitance Valve
Barbed 1" Adapter (BxS)
Barbed 1" Coupling
Barbed 1" Male Adapter (MPT)
Barbed 1" Tee
Barbed 1" x 1/2" Reducing Tee
Green Back Valve Barbed 1/2"
PVC 1" 90 Elbow
PVC 1" Male Adapter (S x MPT)
PVC 1" Reducing Female Adapter (1.5" FPT x 1" Slip)
PVC 1" Tee
PVC Cement - Gorilla 8 ounce
Poly 1/2" Tubing (per foot)
Teflon tape 1/2"
U-shaped wire hold-downs (stakes)
Underground Emitter Box